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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEB Faculty

  • Eldridge Adams Professor

    Ecology, behavior and genetics of social insects, especially ants and termites; behavioral mechanisms in ecology; social behavior, territory defense and communication.

    Office: BioPharm 205A   Tel: 860.486.5894   E-mail:

  • Robert Bagchi Assistant Professor

    The processes that maintain biodiversity in natural ecosystems (particularly in the tropics); how human activity might affect this biodiversity; the role of biodiversity in the provision of ecosystem functions/services.

    Office:   Tel:   E-mail:

  • Lori Benoit Research Scientist

    Molecular genetics and genomics, evolutionary biology, genetic bases of herbicide resistance.

    Office: BioPharm 317   Tel: 860.486.3937   E-mail:

  • Andrew Bush Associate Professor

    Paleobiology, including Phanerozoic trends in ecospace utilization and biodiversity; gradient analyses of patchy paleoecologic distributions; and stratigraphy and extinction in the Late Devonian of the Appalachian Basin.

    Office: TLS 472 or Beach 240   Tel: 860.486.9359   E-mail:

  • Janine Caira Professor

    Morphology, taxonomy, systematics and evolution of platyhelminths, especially tapeworms of sharks and rays.

    Office: TLS 483   Tel: 860.486.4060   E-mail:

  • Robin Chazdon Professor

    Functional ecology of plants; photosynthesis and growth responses to light variation; tropical forest ecology, succession and management.

    Office: BioPharm 205C   Tel: 860.486.4057   E-mail:

  • Felix Coe Associate Professor

    Ethnobotany; systematics and floristics of New World Piperaceae; floristics of Mesoamerica and southeastern United States; tropical forest ecology.

    Office: West Hartford / TLS 362   Tel: 860.570.9254   E-mail:

  • Jean Crespi Associate Professor

    Structural Geology and Tectonics

    Office:   Tel: 860.486.4372   E-mail:

  • Pamela Diggle Professor and Associate Department Head

    Effects of genotype, environment, and ontogenetic history on the development and evolutionary diversification of plant phenotypes

    Office: PBB 500A   Tel: 860.486.4788   E-mail:

  • Chris Elphick Associate Professor

    Avian conservation ecology, especially in coastal & farmland settings; habitat loss, climate change, large-scale conservation planning

    Office: TLS 374   Tel: 860.486.4547   E-mail:

  • Nirvana Filoramo Gratis Research Scientist

    Office:   Tel: 508.793.7654   E-mail:

  • Michael Finiguerra Assistant Professor in Residence

    Ecology, oceanography, evolutionary biology, and microbiology of marine environments, specifically the molecular ecology of zooplankton using an easily-cultured toxic algae-copepod system

    Office:   Tel: 860.405.9051   E-mail:

  • Adam Fry Lecturer

    Avian population genetics and phylogeography; genetics of host-endosymbiont coevolution, particularly the Wolbachia-Drosophila association. Current research focuses on identifying best practices in university-level pedagogy and the assessmen

    Office: TLS 308   Tel: 860.486.4689   E-mail:

  • Bernard Goffinet Professor

    Systematics of bryophytes and lichenized fungi; evolution of spore dispersal mechanisms and breeding systems in mosses; evolution of multiple symbioses and photomorphism in lichens.

    Office: BioPharm 300   Tel: 860.486.5290   E-mail:

  • Charles Henry Professor

    Speciation, systematics, Neuroptera, Chrysopidae, sexual signals

    Office: TLS 479/481   Tel: 860.486.4450   E-mail:

  • Susan Herrick Assistant Professor in Residence

    Behavioral ecology and herpetology, particularly interested in social behavior and interspecific interactions. Currently working on spatial and acoustic interactions between breeding ranid frogs.

    Office: TLS 470   Tel: 860.486.5662   E-mail:

  • Kent Holsinger Professor

    Theoretical population genetics; plant population genetics and evolution; evolution of plant mating systems; conservation biology; plant systematics; molecular evolution.

    Office: BioPharm 305A   Tel: 860.486.4059   E-mail:

  • Elizabeth Jockusch Associate Professor

    Phenotypic evolution; particularly evolution of development and evolution of phenotypic plasticity in basal insects and salamanders; systematics.

    Office: BioPharm 305B   Tel: 860.486.4452   E-mail:

  • Cynthia Jones Professor

    Development and morphological evolution in vascular plants; plant structure and function; developmental basis of plasticity; developmental phenology and ecology of forest herbs.

    Office: BioPharm 400   Tel: 860.486.4150   E-mail:

  • Donald Les Professor

    Angiosperm systematics; phylogeny, evolution, and reproductive biology of aquatic angiosperms; molecular evolution; genetic consequences of plant rarity.

    Office: BioPharm 305C   Tel: 860.486.5703   E-mail:

  • Louise Lewis Professor

    Systematics and evolution of green algae, especially terrestrial forms; phylogeny of basal green plants; diversity of desert algae.

    Office: BioPharm 200   Tel: 860.486.6723   E-mail:

  • Paul Lewis Associate Professor

    Phylogenetic theory and methodology; analysis of discrete genetic data, including allelic and nucleotide sequence data; phylogenetic applications of genetic algorithms; angiosperm systematics.

    Office: TLS 166A   Tel: 860.486.2069   E-mail:

  • Gene Likens Distinguished Research Professor

    Office: BioPharm 600A   Tel: 860.486.0367   E-mail:

  • Yang Liu Assistant Research Professor

    Bryophyte phylogeny, and evolution of organelle genomes.

    Office: BioPharm 312   Tel: 860.486.6306   E-mail:

    Goffinet Lab

  • Cory Merow Assistant Research Professor

    Ecological modeling, maximum entropy methods, Bayesian methods, community ecology, plant demography, The Cape Floristic Region, invasive species

    Office: TLS 468   Tel: 860.486.5708   E-mail:

  • Paula Philbrick Lecturer

    The biology of long-lived macrophytes with a current focus on the importance of associated microbiota

    Office: Waterbury Campus 306   Tel: 203.236.9845   E-mail:

  • Margaret Rubega Associate Professor

    Avian functional and evolutionary morphology, especially of feeding structures; feeding mechanics; functional aspects of behavior; ecology; conservation biology.

    Office: BioPharm 500   Tel: 860.486.4502   E-mail:

  • Carl Schlichting Professor and Department Head

    Phenotypic evolution; ecology and evolution of phenotypic plasticity and reaction norms; evolution of plant breeding systems.

    Office: TLS 366   Tel: 860.486.4056   E-mail:

  • Eric Schultz Professor

    Evolutionary ecology, physiological ecology, and population biology, especially of fishes; adaptation in life history traits; ecology of larval fishes.

    Office: BioPharm 205B   Tel: 860.486.4692   E-mail:

  • Kurt Schwenk Professor

    Functional and evolutionary morphology of tetrapod vertebrates, especially feeding and chemoreception in lizards and snakes

    Office: TLS 360   Tel: 860.486.0351   E-mail:

  • Chris Simon Professor

    Molecular evolution and systematics using insects as model organisms; rates of evolution related to molecular processes in mitichondrial DNA; reconstructing evolutionary patterns.

    Office: BioPharm 305D   Tel: 860.486.4640   E-mail:

  • Robert Thorson Professor

    Origin of landscapes, geo-archaeology, history of science

    Office: TLS 83/Beach Hall   Tel: 860.486.1396   E-mail:

  • Morgan Tingley Assistant Professor

    Global Change and Quantitative Ecology, primarily of birds; distributional responses of animals to anthropogenic change (climate, land-use, fire, invasives) and associated conservation needs; hierarchical modeling and ecological statistics

    Office: Pharmacy/Biology 205D   Tel: 860.486.2984   E-mail:

  • Stephen Trumbo Professor

    Insects, behavior, physiology, carrion ecology.

    Office: 307 (Waterbury)   Tel: 203.236.9878   E-mail:

  • Peter Turchin Professor

    Theoretical ecology, especially interactions between models and data; movement and spatial population dynamics; complex dynamics in natural populations.

    Office: TLS 462   Tel: 860.486.3603   E-mail:

  • Mark Urban Assistant Professor

    Community ecology; eco-evolutionary dynamics; microgeographic adaptation; global climate change; metacommunity ecology

    Office: BioPharm 200A   Tel: 860.486.6113   E-mail:

  • David Wagner Professor

    Systematics; phylogenetics, especially of the Lepidoptera; insect behavior and ecology; invertebrate conservation.

    Office: TLS 471   Tel: 860.486.2139   E-mail:

  • Jill Wegrzyn Assistant Research Professor

    Scientific databasing and visualization; machine learning; semantic web; ontologies; computational biology; plant genomics; comparative genomics.

    Office: TLS 75   Tel: 860.486.8742   E-mail:

  • Kentwood Wells Professor

    Social behavior of vertebrates, especially amphibians; aggressive behavior, mating systems, parental care and vocal communication of frogs; energetics of vocalization in frogs.

    Office: TLS 380   Tel: 860.486.4454   E-mail:

  • Marta Wells Research Scientist

    Evolutionary biology, molecular evolution, speciation on green lacewings (Neuroptera), courtship song behavior

    Office: TLS 218   Tel: 860.486.4550   E-mail:

  • Michael Willig Professor

    Behavioral Ecology, Biogeography, Community Ecology, Conservation Biology, Disturbance Ecology, Macroecology, Mammalogy, Morphometrics, Theoretical Ecology

    Office: Building 4 Annex, Room 162   Tel: 860.486.1455   E-mail:

  • Charles Yarish Professor

    Marine phycology; aquaculture; ecophysiology, phytogeography and population ecology of benthic marine algae and submerged aquatic vegetation.

    Office: 360, Stamford Campus   Tel: 203.251.8432   E-mail:

  • Yaowu Yuan Assistant Professor

    Research interests: Genetics, development, and evolution of phenotypic diversity; Genetics of adaptation and speciation; Plant-pollinator interactions; Transposable elements and plant genomics; Plant molecular systematics.

    Office: BioPharm 304   Tel: 860.486.5731   E-mail:


  • Gregory Anderson Professor Emeritus

    Systematics and evolution of vascular plants, especially tropical Solanaceae; pollination and reproductive biology; evolution of domesticated plants; ethnobotany; island biology; island biogeography; conservation.

    Office: TLS 381   Tel: 860.486.4555   E-mail:

  • Robert Colwell Professor Emeritus

    Community ecology; species interactions and coevolution, especially among arthropods and plants; species diversity and biogeography; population structure, speciation and evolution.

    Office: TLS 375   Tel: 860.486.4395   E-mail:

  • Clifford Desch Professor Emeritus

    Acarology; taxonomy and anatomy of Demodecidae; anatomy of scabies mites.

    Office: Hartford   Tel: 860.570.9217   E-mail:

  • Dorothea DiCecco Professor Emeritus

    Office: Waterbury   Tel: 860.236.9877   E-mail:

  • Bruce Goldman Professor Emeritus

    Office: TLS 364 / 180 and 180A   Tel: 860.486.2984   E-mail:

  • Carl Schaefer Professor Emeritus

    Insect systematics; family-group systematics and phylogeny of Heteroptera; insect morphology and evolution.

    Office: TLS 377   Tel: 860.486.4455   E-mail:

  • John Silander, Jr. Professor Emeritus

    Plant ecology and evolution; experimental plant population and community ecology; plant competition; ecological genetics; conservation biology; ecology of invasives.

    Office: BioPharm 205D   Tel: 860.486.2168   E-mail:

  • Theodore Taigen Professor Emeritus

    Physiological ecology; exercise physiology of lower vertebrates; metabolic correlates of amphibian behavior.

    Office: TLS 184/Gampel   Tel: 860.486.4154   E-mail:

  • Terry Webster Professor Emeritus

    Office: TLS 304   Tel: 860.486.0178   E-mail: