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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEB Graduate Students

  • Simona Augyte Doctoral Student

    Ecophysiology, molecular biology, aquaculture and biogeography of North Atlantic kelp (Laminariales).

    Office: TLS 375   Tel: 860.486.0858   E-mail:

    Yarish Lab

  • James Bernot Masters Student

    Host-parasite relationships; taxonomy, systematics, and evolution of elasmobranch tapeworms and their hosts.

    Office: TLS 478   Tel: 860.486.1882   E-mail:

    Caira Lab

  • Jordan Bishop Masters Student

    Diatom ecology and taxonomy; geometric morphometrics; paleobiology

    Office: BioPharm 311A   Tel: 860.486.1811   E-mail:

    L. Lewis Lab

  • Alyssa Borowske Doctoral Student

    Seasonal interactions and full-annual cycle ecology of birds

    Office: BioPharm 310A   Tel: 860.486.3005   E-mail:

    Elphick Lab

  • Holly Brown Doctoral Student

    Ecology of long-legged wading birds, especially in urban areas; conservation biology; urban science education.

    Office: BioPharm 402   Tel: 860.486.0309   E-mail:

    Rubega Lab

  • Veronica Bueno Doctoral Student

    Taxonomy, Systematics and Biogeography of Eucestoda parasites and their elasmobranch hosts. Investigation of co-evolutionary patterns using both morphological and molecular data.

    Office: TLS 478   Tel: 860.486.1882   E-mail:

    Caira Lab

  • Kevin Burgio Doctoral Student

    Evidence-based conservation biology; avian behavior, especially the Psitticidae family; invasive species; human/wildlife interactions; ecological modeling.

    Office: BioPharm 402   Tel: 860.486.3839   E-mail:

    Rubega Lab

  • Wen Chen Doctoral Student

    Invasion biology on a New England invasive ant species: Myrmica rubra. Currently working on species distribution models on different geographical scales, phylogeographic studies, colony structures of this species.

    Office: BioPharm 204   Tel: 860.486.4458   E-mail:

    Adams Lab

  • Francisco Concha Toro Doctoral Student

    Biology, reproduction, ecology behavior and conservation of Chondrichthyes

    Office: TLS 478   Tel: 860.486.1882   E-mail:

    Caira Lab

  • Jeffrey Divino Doctoral Student

    Ecophysiology of threespine sticklebacks: patterns and mechanisms of divergence in osmoregulatory capacity among populations living in different salinities.

    Office: BioPharm 210A   Tel: 860.486.4694   E-mail:

    Schultz Lab

  • Annette Evans Doctoral Student

    My research explores how changing climatic and environmental conditions affect polymorphic populations of the eastern red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus, across New England

    Office:   Tel:   E-mail:

    Jockusch Lab , Urban Lab

  • Christopher Field Doctoral Student

    Population biology of salt marsh birds; evidence-based conservation biology; systematic reserve design; ecological modeling, especially using Bayesian methods; evidence-based science communication.

    Office: BioPharm 310   Tel: 860.486.3005   E-mail:

    Elphick Lab

  • Cera Fisher Doctoral Student

    Evo-devo and gene regulation; evolution of insect morphology, especially prothoracic projections; metamorphosis. Also interested in bioinformatics and next generation sequencing. I'm currently working on small scale RNAi projects in Tribolium castaneum

    Office: PBB 318   Tel: 860.486.6215   E-mail:

    Jockusch Lab

  • Andrew Frank Doctoral Student

    Taxonomy, systematics, and speciation of marine Nemertean worms; and speciation of cave and spring morphs of freshwater amphipods. Speciation, parallel evolution, and mechanical reproductive isolation in North American skinks.

    Office: PBB 322   Tel: 860.486.6125   E-mail:

    Jockusch Lab

  • Benedict Gagliardi Masters Student

    Life history and biosystematics of Smoky Moths (Zygaenidae)

    Office:   Tel: 860.486.6650   E-mail:

    Wagner Lab

  • Kaitlin Gallagher Doctoral Student

    Host-parasite relationships; parasites as bioindicators for elasmobranchs; evolution of elasmobranch cestodes

    Office: TLS 478   Tel: 860.486.1882   E-mail:

    Caira Lab

  • Geert Goemans Doctoral Student

    Taxonomy, Systematics, Phylogeny, Biodiversity and Biogeography of the cicada tribe Zammarini. My dissertation research aims to combine morphological, molecular, behavioral, acoustic and biogeographic data to make a monograph of the Neotropical tribe Zamm

    Office: BioPharm 323   Tel: 860.486.3947   E-mail:

    Simon Lab

  • Heidi Golden Doctoral Student

    Metapopulation dynamics, population genetics and trophic interactions of Arctic freshwater fish.

    Office: BioPharm 211   Tel: 860.486.6154   E-mail:

    Urban Lab

  • Hannah Gousse BS/MS Student

    Educational applicability of conservation biology; applied ecology; plant phenology; interactions between white tailed deer and remnant montane longleaf pine forest plant communities

    Office:   Tel: 860.486.6306   E-mail:

    Goffinet Lab

  • Johana Goyes Vallejos Doctoral Student

    Behavioral ecology and evolution: sexual selection, animal communication,mate choice and predation risk in vertebrates, particularly amphibians.

    Office: TLS 379   Tel: 860.486.5434   E-mail:

    K. Wells Lab

  • Shannon (Shin-nan) Hsieh Masters Student

    Paleobiology; Biodiversity and the fossil record; The Late Devonian mass extinction

    Office: TLS 461   Tel: 860.486.6650   E-mail:

    Bush Lab

  • Michael Hutson Doctoral Student

    Community ecology; coexistence/stability of species assemblages, particularly in relation to prey-switching behavior by predators and functional differences among prey species; ecological network (e.g. food web) structure & dynamics

    Office: PBB 211   Tel:   E-mail:

    Urban Lab

  • Kevin Keegan Doctoral Student

    Entomology and botany with a focus on the systematics and conservation of Lepidoptera, along with investigations of their hostplant relationships

    Office: TLS 471A   Tel: 860.486.5503   E-mail:

    Wagner Lab

  • Hayley Kilroy Mollmann Doctoral Student

    Plant community ecology, functional ecology, and landscape ecology. Specifically, I am interested in species' distribution/abundance patterns in response to shifting and dynamic climate patterns and human alterations of the landscape. I am currently wor

    Office: BioPharm 223   Tel: 860.486.4157   E-mail:

    Silander Lab

  • Ursula King Doctoral Student

    Population genetics and phylogenomics: Using Next Generation sequencing, my dissertation research aims to develop microsatellite markers for a freshwater annual plant, Najas flexilis and additionally, to conduct a chloroplast genome comparison betw

    Office: BioPharm 317A   Tel: 860.486.3937   E-mail:

    Les Lab

  • Brian Klingbeil Doctoral Student

    Landscape ecology, biodiversity monitoring and conservation, effects of landscape structure on population, community, and metacommunity dynamics of bats and birds.

    Office: CESE 187 Bldg 4 Annex   Tel: 860.486.1772   E-mail:

    Willig Lab

  • Jason Lech Doctoral Student

    Biodiversity, community & metacommunity ecology, anthropogenic disturbance, landscape ecology, and conservation of freshwater lakes and watersheds, with a particular focus on aquatic macrophytes and algae

    Office: CESE 187 Bldg 4 Annex   Tel: 860.486.1772   E-mail:

    Willig Lab

  • Lily Lewis Doctoral Student

    Population genetics and phylogeny of the dung moss genus Tetraplodon.

    Office: BioPharm 312A   Tel: 860.486.6306   E-mail:

    Goffinet Lab

  • Russell Meister Doctoral Student

    Phylogeny, Systematics, and Coevolution of cicadas and their gut endosymbionts. Also I will also focus on the isolation of bacterial proteins from these symbionts in order to study their function. I also am interested in DNA barcoding.

    Office: BioPharm 323   Tel: 860.486.3947   E-mail:

    Simon Lab

  • James Mickley Doctoral Student

    Botany, fire ecology, invasion dynamics, seed banks, modeling, databases and information management, floral selection and the evolutionary significance of merosity in angiosperms.

    Office: TLS 363   Tel: 860.486.4638   E-mail:

    Schlichting Lab

  • Nora Mitchell Doctoral Student

    Evolutionary ecology, genetics of the South African Protea (sugarbushes).

    Office: BioPharm 302   Tel: 860.486.5731   E-mail:

    Holsinger Lab

  • Kerri Mocko Doctoral Student

    Evolution of form and function in vascular plants; leaf traits; South African plants and specifically the genus Pelargonium (Geraniaceae).

    Office: BioPharm 400A   Tel: 860.486.4027   E-mail:

    Jones Lab

  • Tim Moore Doctoral Student

    Plant molecular systematics; primarily in its application to questions of adaptation and understanding of the processes that drive inter- and intraspecific variation in functional attributes, as well as the implications these processes may have for ecolog

    Office: TLS 363A   Tel: 860.486.4638   E-mail:

    Schlichting Lab

  • Christopher Nadeau Doctoral Student

    Spatial Ecology, Climate Change Ecology and Evolution

    Office: BioPharm 211   Tel: 860.486.6154   E-mail:

    Urban Lab

  • Suman Neupane Doctoral Student

    Botany, Phylogenetics, Systematics, Evolution

    Office: TLS 162   Tel: 860.486.2075   E-mail:

    P. Lewis Lab

  • Kristen Nolting Doctoral Student

    I am interested in understanding patterns of plant diversity and coexistence. Specifically, I study plant functional trait evolution and community assembly through evolutionary time

    Office: BioPharm 302A   Tel: 860.486.5731   E-mail:

    Holsinger Lab

  • Jessica Rack Doctoral Student

    Predator-prey chemical signaling in amphibians; coevolution; differences in behavioral responses to chemical cues on a spatial scale.

    Office: BioPharm 211   Tel: 860.486.6154   E-mail:

    Urban Lab

  • Nasim Rahmatpour Doctoral Student

    Evo-devo, gene regulation, and peristome development in mosses, specifically Funaria hygrometrica (Funariaceae)

    Office:   Tel: 860.486   E-mail:

    Goffinet Lab

  • Dustin Ray Doctoral Student

    Structure-function relationships in the petioles of the South African genus Pelargonium (Geraniaceae). Allometric patterns in vascular tissues; leaf traits

    Office: BioPharm 400A   Tel: 860.486.4027   E-mail:

    Jones Lab

  • Hamid Razyfard Doctoral Student

    Angiosperm systematics, phylogeny, and population genetics; particularlyin Elatine L. (Elatinaceae), a genus of aquatic herbs.

    Office: BioPharm 319   Tel: 860.486.3937   E-mail:

    Les Lab

  • Manette Sandor Doctoral Student

    Plant-animal interactions; mutualisms; frugivory; seed-dispersal; climate change

    Office: BioPharm 223   Tel: 860.486.3005   E-mail:

    Elphick Lab

  • Nikolaus Schultz Masters Student

    Taxonomy and phylogeny of fresh water green algae (Chlorococcales); taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography of marine brown algae (Dictyotales)

    Office: PBB (BioPharm) 311A   Tel: 860.486.1811   E-mail:

    L. Lewis Lab

  • Katherine Shaw Doctoral Student

    Phenotypic plasticity, behavioral ecology and mating systems -- more specifically, behavioral and color plasticity related to alternative mating tactics and geographic variation in behavior of the Threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus).

    Office: TLS 364   Tel: 860.486.4638   E-mail:

    Schlichting Lab

  • Anna Sjodin Doctoral Student

    Anthropogenic disturbance, neotropical mammals, host-parasite ecology and evolution, wildlife disease, landscape ecology, behavioral ecology, conservation biology

    Office: CESE 187 Bldg 4 Annex   Tel: 860.486.1772   E-mail:

    Willig Lab

  • Michael Smircich Masters Student

    Impacts of zebra mussel on the feeding ecology of larval fishes in the Hudson River

    Office: BioPharm 310   Tel: 860.486.4694   E-mail:

    Schultz Lab

  • Lauren Stanley Doctoral Student

    Regulation of carotenoid biosynthesis in Mimulus. Developmental genetics, evo-devo, the role of floral color pattern in plant adaptation, reproductive isolation, and speciation

    Office: BioPharm 310   Tel: 860.486.4154   E-mail:

    Yuan Lab

  • Katie Taylor Doctoral Student

    Insect behavior and evolution

    Office: TLS 479   Tel: 860.486.5479   E-mail:

    Henry Lab

  • Jonathan Velotta Doctoral Student

    Microevolution and ontogeny of the osmoregulatory system in an anadromous shad known as the alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus).

    Office: BioPharm 210   Tel: 860.486.4694   E-mail:

    Schultz Lab

  • Tanisha Williams Doctoral Student

    Phenotypic plasticity and evolution, adaptation, functional ecology, geographic distribution (limits), population genetics and conservation biology

    Office: TLS 363   Tel: 860.486.4638   E-mail:

    Holsinger Lab , Schlichting Lab

  • Ellen Woods Masters Student

    The evolutionary ecology of an invasive plant, the post-introduction evolution of reaction norms, and the role of genetic variation in biological invasion

    Office:   Tel: 860.486   E-mail:

    Holsinger Lab

  • Yingying Xie Doctoral Student

    Plant phenology mechanisms, how plant phenology responds to environmental changes from individuals to communities, and how to predict spatio-temporal plant phenological shifts under future climate change

    Office: BioPharm 223A   Tel: 860.486.4157   E-mail:

    Silander Lab

  • Brigette Zacharczenko Doctoral Student

    Invertebrate systematics, speciation, and developmental biology. Evolutionary biology of the noctuid moth genus Acronicta with a focus on larval mimicry complexes, and changes in morphology and behavior between instars.

    Office: TLS 471   Tel: 860.486.5503   E-mail:

    Wagner Lab