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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

In Memoriam

  • Les Mehrhoff In Memoriam

    Dr. Les Mehrhoff received both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from UConn and was a collections manager in EEB until his retirement in 2009. He was instrumental in the IPANE project, and was widely regarded as the foremost authority on the plants of New England.

  • Carl Rettenmeyer In Memoriam

    Carl W. Rettenmeyer, founding Director of the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, was a life-long student of Army Ants and their guests, documenting over 350 different kinds of animals that live with a single species of ant.

  • James Slater In Memoriam

    James A. Slater was a world authority on the true bug family Lygaeidae; he named numerous new species and genera in hundreds of publications on the group. He was also an authority on milk glass and early New England gravestone carvers.

  • Francis Trainor In Memoriam

    Dr. Francis (Frank) Trainor was a phycologist and member of the EEB Department for more than 40 years, training 19 Ph.D and many M.S. students. He retired in 1997.