Details on applying for Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's Plant Ecology position


We request gender- and race-blinded application materials in order to reduce the potential for unconscious bias in our evaluation of candidates. Recent studies have underscored the influence of gender and race bias in the academic job market and the labor market as a whole (Adamo 2013; Bertrand and Mullainathan 2004; Jones and Urban 2013; Moss-Racusin 2013; Moss-Racusin et al. 2012; Raymond 2013; Schmader et al. 2007; Shen 2013; Trix and Psenka 2003), potentially disadvantaging female applicants and applicants of color for tenure-track faculty positions (but see Krause et al. 2012). Last year, a search committee in EEB aimed to reduce the potential for such bias in our evaluation of candidates for a Global Change and Biodiversity position; applicants submitted a typical set of documents, which were then redacted by a department administrative assistant to remove references to gender and race. As we recently report (Jones and Urban 2013), the gender of the applicant nonetheless was often evident to the committee. This year we are modifying the process in light of last year's experience. We are grateful for your cooperation in our efforts to conduct the least-biased search practicable.


When possible, documents (CV, statements, letters) should be submitted in Word format (*.doc, *.docx), rather than Adobe (*.pdf) format.

Please submit a gender- and race-neutral CV. All applicants should adhere to the following format instructions.

Format for name: please replace your first, middle and last names with initials throughout.

Contact information: omit e-mail address and personal website URL as it is likely they will include your name.

Format for grants: provide the timeline, title, total funds awarded, list of PIs, and general information on the funding program (competitive or non-competitive; intramural or extramural; private foundation, state agency, federal agency).

Format for awards, honors and fellowships: Provide the timeline, title, magnitude (as monetary amount of award or other indicator) and general information on the program.

Please also submit an unmodified CV. Following an initial round of gender- and race-neutral application review, the committee will examine a subset of applications in which the identity of the applicant will be evident from publications. At that time the committee will also review the conventional curriculum vitae.

Please submit gender- and race-neutral statements of research and teaching philosophy. These documents less frequently need modification. In our experience, identifiers of gender and race in statements are most commonly contained in quotes from others (e.g. when students are quoted in statements of teaching philosophy). If you include evaluations of teaching, please redact words that would reveal gender and race. Similar redactions will be necessary in the CV if such quotes are included there.

Please arrange for gender- and race-neutral letters of recommendation. Request of your letter writers that they change your name to initials, and change all pronouns to he/she or a similar gender-neutralized construction. Ask that they omit any reference to personal experiences that would unambiguously indicate gender and/or race. You may wish to direct your letter writers to this web page for explanation and details.


What if I or my letter writers didn't eliminate all gender or race identifiers?

Administrative assistants will review application materials and will redact remaining identifiers before the search committee reads the files.

Whom should I contact if I have any questions?

Contact Kathleen Tebo at

Is the University of Connecticut committed to increasing diversity in its faculty?

President Susan Herbst's January 2013 statement on Institutional Diversity notes "The University of Connecticut strongly embraces the enhancement of diversity in higher education and in our society and endeavors to reflect it at all levels. The University welcomes and respects individuals of all ethnic, racial, national, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds and varied political or ideological perspectives, regardless of age, identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. A strong University must draw upon its most talented scholars, researchers, and students and is responsible for creating and maintaining an atmosphere where all can flourish. We at the University of Connecticut strive to exemplify a model that teaches respect and civility." See a recent letter from Provost Mun Choi to the University Senate devoted specifically to recruitment of diverse faculty and staff. A committee has been formed to develop a Strategic Plan for Diversity for the University of Connecticut (see website for more information).

Can you provide more examples of the redaction needed for reporting fellowships, awards, and honors?