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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research in EEB

Animal Behavior

Social behavior and communication in animals.

Faculty: Adams | Elphick | Henry | Taigen | Trumbo | K. Wells

Aquatic Biology

Studies involving organisms that live in or near freshwater or marine habitats (e.g. algae, fish, salamanders, aquatic flowering plants and marsh birds)

Faculty: Dam | Elphick | Les | L. Lewis | Schultz | Urban | Yarish

Arthropod Systematics and Phylogeny

Study of the diversity and phylogeny of arthropods (insects, spiders and crustaceans)

Faculty: Colwell | Henry | Simon | Wagner


Study of current and historical geographic distribution patterns of plants and animals

Faculty: Anderson | Caira | Schaefer | Silander | Simon | Willig

Community Ecology

The study of interactions among species in communities

Faculty: Chazdon | Colwell | Tingley | Trumbo | Urban | Willig

Conservation Biology

Protection of biological diversity and critical habitats

Faculty: Anderson | Chazdon | Colwell | Elphick | Holsinger | Rubega | Tingley | Urban | Wagner | Willig


Study of insect diversity and phylogeny

Faculty: Henry | Wagner | Schaefer | Simon


The uses of plants by humans

Faculty: Anderson | Coe


Study of pattern and process in organismal evolution

Faculty: Henry | Holsinger | Jockusch | Schlichting | Schwenk | Simon | Urban

Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Study of the evolution of organism development (EvoDevo)

Faculty: Jockusch | Jones | Schlichting | Schwenk


The study of reptiles and amphibians

Faculty: Jockusch | Schwenk | Taigen | Urban | K. Wells


The study of fishes.

Faculty: Schultz


The study of mammals

Faculty: Willig

Marine Biology and Ecology

The study of marine organisms

Faculty: Dam | Elphick | Lin | Schultz | Yarish | Whitlatch

Molecular Systematics and Evolution

The study of evolution at the molecular level, and the use of hereditary molecules (DNA) for reconstructing phylogeny

Faculty: Jockusch | Les | L. Lewis | P. Lewis | Simon


The study of birds

Faculty: Elphick | Rubega | Tingley

Parasite Taxonomy and Systematics

The study of parasite diversity and their coevolutionary relationships with hosts

Faculty: Caira

Phenotypic Evolution

The evolution of phenotype (external manifestation of underlying genetic factors)

Faculty: Jockusch | Jones | Rubega | Schlichting | Schwenk | Urban


The study of marine, freshwater (including soil) algae

Faculty: L. Lewis | Lin | Yarish

Physiological Ecology

The physiological adaptation of organisms to their environment

Faculty: Chazdon | Dam | Schultz | Taigen

Plant Morphology and Anatomy

Study of plant form and anatomy

Faculty: Goffinet | Jones | Webster

Plant Systematics and Taxonomy

Study of green plant phylogeny and species diversity

Faculty: Anderson | Coe | Goffinet | Les | L. Lewis | P. Lewis

Pollination Biology

The study of -plant pollination systems

Faculty: Anderson | Holsinger | Wagner

Population and Quantitative Genetics

Study of the genetics of populations and estimation of the number and chromosomal location of quantitative trait loci

Faculty: Holsinger | Urban

Population Biology and Ecology

Ecology of populations and the study of population demography and life history traits

Faculty: Adams | Elphick | Schultz | Tingley | Turchin | Urban

Theoretical Ecology and Biology

Mathematical and statistical aspects of ecology

Faculty: Turchin | Urban | Willig

Theoretical Systematics

The mathematical/statistical aspects of systematics, primarily related to population genetics and phylogenetics.

Faculty: Holsinger | P. Lewis | Simon

Vertebrate Biology

The study of vertebrate animals

Faculty: Elphick | Jockusch | Rubega | Schultz | Schwenk | Tingley | Urban | K. Wells

Vertebrate Functional Morphology

Study of how the form of an organism affects its ability to survive and reproduce

Faculty: Rubega | Schwenk