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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


EEB Seminars and Events for the Fall 2014 semester.

Sept. 4: Rebecca Safran

University of Colorado
The role of sexual selection in evolutionary change: an integrative and comparative perspective
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Elphick

Sep. 11: Jill Wegrzyn

UConn Bioinformatics Facility, Biotechnology/Bioservices Center
Computational approaches to understand conifer genome evolution and complexity
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Paul O. Lewis

Sept. 18: Jim Leebens-Mack

University of Georgia
Plant phylogenomics: comparative analyses of plant genes and genomes
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: L. Lewis

Sept. 19: EEB Welcome Event (TODAY)

Please join us in the BioPhysics Building Atrium for our annual event. We will welcome all new faculty, staff and students and honor our outstanding teaching assistants.

4:00pm in the BioPhysics Building Atrium

Food and beverages will be provided

Sept. 25: Steward Pickett (Teale Lecture)

Cary Institute
The global urban crisis and an ecological way forward
4:00PM Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center

Teale Lecture

Oct. 2: Craig Brodersen

Yale University
Visualizing wood anatomy and xylem function in 3D: new insights into the structure and function of plant vascular systems
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Jones

Oct. 9: David Des Marias

Harvard University
Gene by environment interaction and the genomic basis of local adaptation in plants
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Diggle

Oct. 16: Becky Fuller

University of Illinois
Speciation, adaptation to salinity, and chromosomal rearrangements in killifish
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Schultz

Oct. 23: Mike Shapiro

University of Utah
Endless pigeons most beautiful: genetics of diversity in Darwin’s favorite birds
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Yuan

Oct. 30: Julie Campoli (Teale Lecture)

Harvard University
The importance of being urban: density and the green city
4:00PM in Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center

Nov. 6: Dov Sax

Brown University
Climate change and shifts in the distributions of species: predicting extinctions and identifying conservation options
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Tingley

Nov. 13: Ryan Calsbeek

Dartmouth College
Sex, lies, and sperm sorting: the resolution of sexual conflict in Anolis lizards
4:00PM in BPB 130

Host: Jockusch

Nov. 20: Anthony Leiserowitz (Teale Lecture)

Yale University
Climate change in the American mind
4:00PM in Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center


Dec. 4: Tom Mitchell-Olds

Duke University
Selection on the genes that control complex traits
4:00PM in BPB 130

host: Schlichting, Holsinger

Dec. 5: Diba Khan-Bureau (Ph.D. Defense)

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UConn
Two Non-native Diatoms in Connecticut and Comparisons of Morphological and Molecular Approaches of Diatom Species Diversity Estimation
3pm in BPB 131

This is a Ph.D. defense seminar by NRE student Diba Khan-Bureau. Diba’s major advisor is Louise Lewis (EEB), and her other dissertation committee members are:  Richard Anyah (NRE), Michael Dietz (CLEAR, CT NEMO), and Rex Lowe (Bowling Green State University, external member).

The formal defense will follow the seminar in the collections library, and all interested faculty are welcome to attend.