Welcome to Elatine Website. I am a PhD student of biolgoy at University of Connecticut. I am doing my PhD dissertation research on aquatic plants, especially Elatine L. (common name: waterworts). As a genus of aquatic plants in Elatinaceae, Elatine L. comprises about 23 annual and 2 perennial species. The main goal of my research on Elatine L. is to study the diversity and phylogeny of this group of aquatics. Using various techniques such as DNA sequencing, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and statistical analyses, my studies will help identify the native species of this group from the introduced ones, which are thought to be invasive in some countries. Watch the following video!

Please use following Paypal button to make donations to Elatine project. For Elatine project, I will need to conduct many field trips. The information generated by my studies will help protect the natural Elatine species around the world and control the invasive species.

Full-of-fun Collection Travels

I need to travel a lot to collect as many Elatine specimens as possible. So far, I have some travels to Western United States, State of Connecticut, and State of Massacheusetts.

Sponsor a book

You can have your name mentioned in a book! The book called Waterworts of the World: A monograph of the Genus Elatine L. will be published in June 2013.

Lab Work

As a doctoral student in Dr. Les Lab, I have been working with cutting-edge methodologies in Biology, including DNA extraction, amplification of various molecular markers, ...